Pest-Barrier Protection

Our most popular service. The No MoSquitos Barrier Protection Treatment is applied approximately every 21-days throughout the entirety of the mosquito, flea, and tick season. We utilize proven methods and specialized equipment to treat the areas of your property where mosquitos, fleas, and ticks like to breed, feed, and rest. No MoSquitos Barrier Protection provides an immediate and noticeable reduction of mosquitos, fleas, and ticks living in your yard and prevents new pests from entering the perimeter. Our signature service reduces mosquitos, fleas and ticks by 95% after your second treatment.

All-Natural Treatments

The No MoSquitos All-Natural Barrier Protection Treatment is an ideal alternative for anyone who prefers to avoid traditional synthetics. Our all-natural solution consists of a blend of concentrated garlic and plant-based oils. Our all-natural treatment will immediately begin to reduce the mosquito population while repelling new mosquitos from entering or gathering in your yard. All-natural treatments must be applied more often, around every 14 days to remain effective.

Special Events

If you are planning an outdoor party, wedding or any special event and don’t want any pests ruining your day, this treatment is for you. Special Event Treatments allow you to enjoy your special moment– mosquito free. Special Event Treatments are a modified version of our Barrier Treatment and are applied 24 to 48 hours prior to your event. Customized mosquito control methods are based on the property and your specific event needs. No event too big or small!


Our expert technicians and proven method are guaranteed to rid your yard of 95 % of mosquitos, fleas and ticks. We pride ourselves in our work if your unhappy, we’ll make it right.

If you’re looking to reclaim your backyard from mosquitos and ticks this is definitely the company to call.  I contacted the owner, a nice fella named Laith, about coming to my house to help deal with a big-time mosquito problem that’s been years in the making. He was very nice and helped me understand the whole process and put to rest some concerns I’d had like is this safe for my cats and my children (Yes it’s 100% safe for animals, kids and the environment). I booked an appointment and they came out and sprayed my yard and we haven’t had an issue with a mosquito or tick since. Needless to say, I couldn’t be happier with the results.  If you live in the Maryland area I highly recommend giving Laith and his team a call because when it comes to dealing with mosquitos, these guys are true professionals and it shows in the work they do.

Danny I.

This service works.  They notify before they come onsite, they are friendly and professional, and they’ve reduced the mosquitos I normally have had to cope with almost entirely.  It’s nice to be outside all summer long, even in the evenings.

Dow W.

We’ve used No MoSquitos for 3 years now and continue to be happy with the results of the service as well as the team that performs it! They have always been kind, courteous and friendly. I also like that they know we have dogs and always ask if I need to let them out again before they start. It’s little things like that that goes above and beyond. We use the natural spray and have found it very effective for us.

Katie J.

Highly highly recommend No MoSquitos! It’s so great to be able to enjoy our yard in the summer without swarms of bugs.  We have the yard sprayed every few weeks and are SO happy with the results. You won’t regret using No MoSquitos…plus, Laith is awesome to work with!

Megan M.

I had them service my yard last week, and I haven’t seen a mosquito since.  They even pointed out that my compost pile was keeping the water in my yard from draining out.

A. S.

I’ve been using No MoSquitos for over two years now and we get zero mosquito bites!  No more bug spray or citronella candles needed.  It’s a great service!

Patrick S.

Very professional! They took care of all requests as asked. Went above and beyond to move kids’ toys out of the way and to make sure we had the best experience possible! Product works very efficiently and we notice a big difference!

Joey V.

It got to the point two summers ago where I would have to wear heavy pants and a long sleeve shirt to work out in my front yard. At one point I looked down and saw no fewer than 30 mosquitos hanging out on my pants. I called No MoSquitos the next day and have never looked back. Their treatments allow me to use my yard again. Their communication is top notch and they are very responsive, they also take the time to educate you about options and the treatments they use and also ensure you get the treatment that is right for your space. I couldn’t be happier with the service.

Mike P.

The service has been wonderful! We are able to spend more time outdoors without bug bites. They are very professional and knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. Highly recommend!

Danielle C.

We’ve used No Mosquitos for 2 seasons and have been very happy with their service. Laith always lets us know before they will be out for treatment which we appreciate since we have a dog. They also offered a group rate for our neighborhood. The only time we ever had issues in between treatments, they came right out and treated our yard before a party. Highly recommend!

The Horns

Service was great, for the first time I can finally enjoy the summer outside. No Mosquitos has been prompt, accommodating and answered all my questions right away. Highly recommend.

Susan J.

I was skeptical at first because no amount of bug spray (despite trying all the brands) ever seems to prevent me from getting eaten up. However, after just one treatment I am able to go outside *without bug spray* for more than 5 minutes without running back in like I normally would. Even with a small space and neighbors who haven’t received treatments, my yard is mosquito free and I just love it! Laith also helped answer all my questions and followed up on emails quickly. This service is definitely worth it – keeps my dog safe and happy too which is a major plus! I highly recommend No MoSquitos. If you’re skeptical like I was, give it a try – you won’t regret it. I’m definitely going to be a yearly customer!

Avrielle J.

Local business that does a great job!   They show up regularly and when scheduled, billing is easy, and the work has been superior to other companies we have worked with in the past.  We’ve had great results with this company.

Sharon L.

Laith and his employees are knowledgeable and friendly and the mosquito treatment has been effective. We live next to a drainage pond and woods with standing water and they’ve always done a great job creating a barrier so I can actually be outside in the summer.

Charlie C.

We just started using No MoSquitos a month ago and they are amazing. The past few years we said we’d sit outside but then we’d go out and get so many bites within 5 minutes we’d just go back in. We have tried all kinds of over-the-counter treatments and still no difference. With NoMosquitos we have sat outside every night with zero bites and are finally able to enjoy our yard. Highly recommend.

Paula A.

MD Dept. of Agriculture, License # MDA 31823